Saturday, July 16, 2005

Prabalgad Trek

Trek to Prabalgad.

Prabalgad is the kind of trek which could be done within half a day or even a whole week is insufficient if you decide to explore the thick forests on the top of the plateau.

Four of the people decided to start at night. Vini, Vishwa, Pankaj and Prem spent the night at Panvel Bus Stand. Till the point Rohit called me, I was not really decided upon going to Prabalgad. Afterall it was my fourth time in this year. However it was the first official monsoon trek since I had been busy with Arun's camp at Karnala and my cousins wedding earlier. So I
finally asked Rohit to meet me at the Ashok Talkies ST Stand.

The tyre repair shop.

The weather was pleasant and the companions were nice. The start happened with a tyre puncture at Kopar-Khairane, right in front of a tyre repair shop. My enthusiasm for the trek fizzled out just like the air from that burst tyre tube. Fortunately the group at Panvel waited and the repair guy fixed the problem quickly, without replacing the tyre tube. I clicked a photo of a kitten in the tyre shop.

Cute Kitty

After the fixing we reached the bus-stand at Panvel. I purchased a water bottle and got into the bus to Thakurwadi. The good thing about the ST services is that the bus to Thakurwadi has been resumed.

The injured hand. Vishwa getting bandaged.

We took a number of breaks along the way to Prabalmachi. On the top Vishwa managed to prick a thorn into his palm. So did not come up. Prem joined him in his stay. The rest of us went up. On the way I slightly deviated from the route and realized that immediately. Fortunately we could get back on the route without too much effort. I have now realized that getting lost on a route is what provides the fodder for excitement.

The standard pic (Pankaj, me and Vini)

The treacherous route to the top. On our way down.

Along the route.

This was my fourth visit to Prabalgad. It seems to have evolved into an exercise and nothing more. The going up the path from Thakurwadi no longer provides any excitement. Neither does the traversing over the crevasse or sliding across the wall. Some of my companions were a bit terrified, understanding that it was their first time. Also it had become slippery owing to the monsoon.

Coffee break at the end of the trek

OFF - The ultimate insect repellent.

One good discovery during this trek. OFF does work. Apply it on your face and you will no longer be bothered by any of these pests that seem to be thriving during the monsoon.


phdixit said...

kalavantin durgaa cha photo kahi diwasaa purvi malaa mail milaalaa hota aani mi tyaachaa shod ghetaanaa haa blog sapadalaa. tithe jaayache kase aahi tyaa trek baddalachi adhik mahiti milali tar bare hoil.


PS send ur mail to

Prasad said...

Same like the post of phdixit i got a mail of kalavanti durga and while searching for it, I landed on this blog. and from the blog I have learned that we have to catch a bus of Thakurwadi from panvel and from here the trek starts, can you provide me the other info like how much distance we have to cover by walking, is the trek difficult, can we go to kalavanti durga and is it difficult, do portable water tanks are on the top. etc

Plz mail me the info on

Suyog Dhake said...
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Suyog Dhake said...

Hey Abhijit,
I have the same query as Mr phdixit and prasad.
Can you please help me with any information regarding the kalavantin durg??
plz pass on the info on

abhijit said...

Folks, here is my mail I had sent out. Hope this helps. This was Feb 2005 and the same rates might not apply any longer.

Event Description:
Trek will be start on Sunday. 27-Feb-2005
We should meet at Panvel Bus Stand at 6:30 am.
We will be starting from Panvel Bus Stand. For people who find
it difficult to wake up in the morning, go to Panvel Bus Stand
at night. Its not so bad.

First we reach Shedung Phata on the Mumbai - Pune - Khopoli
route. Next we have to travel in groups of 3 to Vardoli, by
the auto rickshaw. They charge about Rs 50/- per auto.

From Vardoli, we walk to Thakurwadi (around 1 km). From
Thakurwadi, we have to go to Prabalmachi. Takes about 1 hour
time. At Prabalmachi, we break for about 10 minutes. Then we
start back on route for the fort.

It takes about 1 hour from PrabalMachi to reach the top. The
fort has been washed out over a period of time. There is one
water tank on the top, and dense jungle. Be careful, for there
could be wild-boars roaming in the area.

1) Protect yourself from the sun. Wear a cap / sunglasses.
2) Wear good shoes. Shoes are a must and make sure that they
are comfortable. Sports shoes / hunter shoes / canvas shoes are
3) Bring packed lunch and about 3 liters of water per person.
4) Bring one torch just in case. Please ensure that the torch
is powerful enough.

1) Bring fruits like amla / oranges
2) Vegetables like Cucumbers / Carrots

We will be back in Panvel bus stand by 8:00 pm, provided
everybody co-operates and arrives on time.

महेश मसुरकर said...

Can you send me the path/map of the trek. I am planning to go here on 21 June 2008. You can drop me an email at

Monish (Adity) said...

Hi friends
It's so fine to see you gyes there. It seems so owesome & adventures. I'm so lucky that i got some Tips about tracking. thanks a lot

sachin said...

I visited prabalgad near by area, but unable to reach up the Prabalgad(Fort) . Many people claim that they have visited Prabalgad, but no one is showing the photo of Fort (Prabalgad).
Is that area name called Prabalgad or does any fort with such name is available. Please clarify.
Incase, Any one has the photo of Prabalgad (Fort), please share with me on

abhijit said...

If you're expecting to see a fort with walls and ramparts, it does not exist. In its simplest sense, Prabalgadh is a hill. Next to Prabalgadh is a Kalvantin Durg which is "remains of a fort".

sambhaji chopdekar said...

We had visited Prabalgad 0n 26th January 2010 and it was made easier by the arrow-marking made by the Nisargmitra Sanstha, Panvel which organizes valley crossing between Prabalgad and Kalavanteen Durg on each Republic Day!...Prabalgad does have dense forest but these markings were useful for us and we could see a bastion (probably not reachable!) and a water cistern while going toward the northern part from where Kalavanteen looks fabulous with its carved steps!...After the Ganesh temple, we went ahead toward the Irshalgad side (southern part) to find out two water cisterns and some remains of a small bastion!

Do visit for more info:

dolakh thapa said...

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